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My Yoga Journey

Ishavara Pranidhana 

In religion you are told who to follow, in Yoga you choose who (or what) you surrender or devote yourself to; God, Higher Power, Universe or your higher Self...

Although acting is my true love, I have become one with Yoga. My experience as a dancer brings great body awareness and as an actor, I bring another layer of empathy to connect with my students on the mat.

Whenever I feel lost, yoga reconnects me to my Self. The wholesome and loving feeling I receive from it compels me to share this with others. Anytime we feel lost, we just need a gentle reminder; to look within ourselves. 

I have my 200 hour of YTT in Vinyasa and Hatha

50 hours in Prenatal, Yin and Restore Yoga

15 hours in Trauma Informed Yoga

Currently, you can flow with me at Yoga Corner and Grass Roots Yoga Studios.

If you would like me to guide your practise or have any questions please reach out below.

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