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Visual Storytelling Can be a Powerful Tool to Initiate Social Change

One of the “hot” questions people ask actors is why? Why acting? Because let’s face it, there are thousands of actors in Los Angeles, so why are we doing this? I’ve heard many answers. My all-time favorite is “I tried medicine, but I was too smart for it, I needed something to challenge my mind.” 

I’m a very emotional person and acting allows me to channel my feelings into creativity. Recently I have also discovered that I find joy in bringing joy and happiness to others. I know for myself there are times where I don’t feel like finding a shoulder to cry on, so I turn to a film or a television show. There is always something to cheer me up or help me cry through my pent-up emotions. So, when there is a person on the other side of the world feeling a certain emotion, I want to be able to comfort them with my work.


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