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Interview With Ria Patel An Australian-Indian Artist All In One

Ria’s experience growing up Indian in a foreign country, from feeling like an outsider to bridging the gap between two cultures and embracing her Indian-Australian uniqueness. She Shares about empowering women through compassionate conversations around commonly taboo topics within Indian and Western cultures.

Ria shares her story in an interview with us… let’s find out more.

Ria you are so many things in one… Tell us about yourself to start with. I was born in India and raised in Australia, I am very grateful to have experienced two different cultures. I loved being creative growing up, I loved arts and crafts, drawing, dancing, writing, and acting. I wasn’t great at sport and neither was I a social butterfly, I always kept to myself and I expressed myself through my creativity. A random fact about me I love fries! I love it so much I wrote and acted in a short film about a girl who has an undying love for them.


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