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Actress Ria Patel: Getting out of the box

Updated: May 4, 2021

Toying with taboo topics is this young actor’s way of creating change

Growing up in Australia, actress Ria Patel watched a lot of movies with her mother, though starring in them had never struck her mind.

After she was accepted into the New York Film Academy though – applying on a whim at her mother’s suggestion – everything changed.

Just a few years later, Ria Patel is emerging as a key actress to look out for in the new decade.

Known for her work in independent films Nice, Fi Aur Me, Trey Pops and Two Paper Nightingales, her most recent venture Bandaid is currently doing the festival rounds. She’s also garnered attention for her role as a homosexual Gujarati girl in the first-ever Gujarati web series Varta re Varta, by award-winning director Jay Parikh.

From India to Australia to the US, Ria has had quite an acting journey. As an Indian raised in Australia, she quickly realised how unique that made her onscreen.


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