Helloorrr (This is what my "hellos" supposedly sound like to people),if you scrolled down here and if you actually read ahead, thank you!

Clearly you already know I love acting, since this website is here; dedicated to that. But here's my why:


You know when you wake up in the morning and you decide to have a binge day, or when you're just really happy you put on your favourite TV show or when you want to cry yourself a river to drown in, you put on that sad movie? Art has always been there for me, in times of laughter or strife. 

It has been there when I wanted to cry, feel empowered, feel joy, feel all sorts of things. I want to be there for my audience. Human beings yearn for connection and I want to connect with them. I want to be there for them through every mood; rain or shine.

Some other important stuff: I was born in India and I grew up in Australia. I always felt like an outsider and as an artist it is my goal to use this medium to bridge the gap between the two cultures that I have grown to realise are a huge part of my identity. 

And anything else you need to know about me can be told from the pictures on the left. Film is a visual medium so let me show you my story...

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